Treating Adolescent ADHD With Neurofeedback

Neurofeedback(NF) research is showing that adolescent ADHD can be effectively treated without harmful, sometimes life long, medication. In a six month fallow-up comparing medication and NF, children that had NF treatment exhibited equal reduction of symptoms, but more “fundamental improvement” in academics (Pahlevanian). A past flaw with treating ADHD with NF has been the amount of time, and or money, it takes to obtain desired effects. However, with a better understanding of the underlying mechanics of NF, studies have been able to obtain desired effects in half to a fraction of the time. A 2018 fMRI NF study successfully showed that children with ADHD could learn to self-regulate specific brain behavior within only 8 runs with 8.5 minute intervals (Rubia). The effects of NF were also determined to be long lasting staying consistent, or improved further, in six-month fallow ups.


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